Al Rogers

About Al Rogers

Al Rogers has photographed hundreds of classic cars for automotive magazines. Lately, he's been pointing his Nikons at tractors for Antique Power.

The Copar Panzer Answer Man
Al Rogers


We visit with the Panzer Answer Man, Bill Janitor, and his Copar Panzer Model T102 in the November/December 2014 issue of Antique Power magazine. In this five-page feature, Bill tells us everything we wanted to know about the unusual and rare garden tractor. I ran across it and him at the employee show at Ford Motor Co. in Michigan. Copar Industries, named for College Park, Maryland, where the company started, was only in business for six years, starting in 1954. … Read the rest of the story…

Meadow Over Mist – Oliver 880 Diesel
Al Rogers


The Oliver 880 diesel featured in the September/October 2014 issue of Antique Power changed from Mist to Meadow green as it sat on the Oliver assembly line during a long labor strike in 1959. It is owned by commercial refrigeration licensed mechanical contractor Mark Felton of Clio, Michigan, whose collection of Oliver tractors currently stands at 14. “I really don’t make money off of collecting Oliver tractors,” Felton said, “but I spend a lot of money doing it.” This is … Read the rest of the story…

Indian Motorcycle Tractor – Ever Hear of One?
Al Rogers

Indian Motorcycle

In the world of homemade tractors, the machine Leonard Kanner put together in 1952 from an Indian motorcycle engine, hydraulic components, and surplus war airplane parts is the most unusual we’ve ever featured in Antique Power magazine. Thanks to Kanner’s children and the Keystone Antique Tractor Museum in Colonial Heights, Virginia, the ingenious Indian is the subject of a 5-page article in our March/April 2014 issue. I enjoyed shooting it for the magazine. … Read the rest of the story…

Ford 660 – Homesteader
Al Rogers

1957 Ford 660

When Haley Chapman, of Jackson County, Illinois, bought a used 1957 Ford 660 four decades ago, the bill of sale should have been marked “heirloom” because the reliable tractor has become a multi-generational favorite. I photographed this tractor for the January/February 2014 issue of Antique Power. … Read the rest of the story…